It's the one phone call the family of a military service person, police officer, firefighter, or EMT knows in the back of their mind they may get, but hope they never receive — their loved one has died in the line of duty. To help ease the burden of those life-changing calls and moments, Ziemer Funeral Homes is offering free funeral services and burials to the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Evansville-based funeral home will provide staff, facility, a metal casket, a limousine and memorial package free charge to the family allowing them the opportunity to grieve and process what has happened. The families will be charged for any enhancements to the service they'd like to add, as well as "direct expenses such as flowers and an obituary," according to a press release provided by Ziemer.

While there is no way to completely ease the pain of losing a loved one who dedicated their life to protecting others, lifting the weight of trying to cover the expense of giving them the proper burial they deserve for their selfless act certainly helps.

For more information, contact Ziemer at 812-477-1515, or visit their website.

[Source: Ziemer Funeral Homes Press Release]

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