A few of my friends on Facebook shared a post about a very unique golf cart for sale. I have never seen anything like it before. It's a party on wheels. It's like a golf cart bar...a "bar cart," if you will.

This thing is genius! I mean could you imagine this thing driving up and down Franklin Street in Evansville? Sure, the price may seem like a bit, but you'd make your money back in no time.Shoot, you could even rent it out to private parties. I know some folks that hang out at French Island Marina would love to take a ride on this "bar cart" during the summer months.

Granted this item is located in Michigan, maybe this will at least spark the idea to an entrepreneur in the Tri-State to get something like this and offer "bar cart" rides in the area. Am I alone in thinking that this would be a huge hit here in Evansville?

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