One Evansville's newest residents is a sweet black lab named Wallis, and her job is very important.

Vanderburgh County Prosecutors Office Facebook
Vanderburgh County Prosecutors Office Facebook

Wallis is not only an adorable black lab, she also plays a vital role in comforting victims in the criminal justice system in Evansville. Sometimes during trials victims and witnesses have to testify in court and recall sometimes painful memories. Wallis' job is to be with them and comfort them.  Several studies have shown that dogs have a calming effect on people, so it's only fitting that Wallis should be there during someones hard time to help them through it.

She has undergone many months of training and is ready to actively take on her role as Courthouse Facility Victim Advocate K9 along with the Vanderburgh County Prosecutors office.

Welcome to Evansville Wallis! We're proud to have you here!

Watch this video below to learn more about Wallis and her job in Evansville.


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