Weddings are a big deal in the U.S. I remember going through the planning process with my mom and the way things had changed from her day. People are doing multiple dresses, food trucks, cocktails, and so many new trends versus the traditional style weddings from a decade before.

Thanks to shows like "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Four Weddings" our culture has taken the average traditional wedding and made it something big, expensive, and like never before. When I got married a year and a half ago, I remember my mom saying, "wow, I do not remember this costing so much, and why do you need all this ___?" It was definitely a culture shock for her. Clearly I was just utilizing Pinterest like every newly engaged woman does! From the extravagant gown, to the invites, to the flowers and decorations, I wanted it to be vintage with some modern and lots of gold. I love gold.

My wedding was beautiful and we stayed within a budget but some women have no budget and go all out. Trends that are seen these days are food trucks showing up at the end of the night, a variety of heavy hors de vours instead of an actual sit down meal, signature cocktails, and even multiple dresses in one night for the bride.

Check out all the trends from Jessica Mulroney on GMA, below.

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