It's not every day you can bike naked and not get arrested.  For this one special event coming to Illinois, it's legal to an extent.

If you don't know what the World's Naked Bike Ride is, it's exactly what you think.  A large group of activists gather in one spot in their city to encourage others to learn about bicycle safety, save on gas, bike rather than drive a car, and promote body-positivity in their environment.  The craziest thing about this event?  You go as bare-as-you-dare.  Yup, you read that correctly!


A reminder of our right to the road and our vulnerability on it. We also ride to fight climate change and to celebrate body-positivity.

If you're wondering if people will be completely nude at this bike event, the answer is possibly!  The event encourages people to dress in costume, body paint, or even underwear to follow Chicago guidelines and prevent you from getting arrested.

The World Naked Bike Ride will take place on Saturday, June 25th, 2022.  It starts at 8pm and ends around midnight, but the location isn't disclosed until a few days before the events to prevent overcrowding and suspicious activity.

Like they say, "Less Gas, More Ass"!  Basically, they're bringing attention to freedom from oil and they're doing it in the most entertaining way, in my opinion.  The picture below is from a Ride event in Los Angeles, look at all those cheeky riders!

World's Naked Bike Ride is a people powered happening bringing radical attention against oil addiction; It's NOT primarily a naturist party. It IS a big fun ride for able area cyclists; It's NOT for the frail nor fliers/drivers. It IS an extreme free speech exercise trying to save the planet. - WNBR

If this peaks your interest, you can find more information on how to get involved in the event on their website!  This definitely isn't my type of thing, but I love that others are doing so much to make the world a better place!  Kudos to you!

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