So you are in your tree stand, watching nature...Maybe you're on Facebook telling the world how peaceful and quiet things are as you sip your Busch Light. Then you look down as you hear something making noise...Is it a deer, a turkey, oh noooo a BEAR!!!

Black bear in the wild
Jillian Cooper

This happened to one Wisconsin man, as he watched a bear watching him and sh*t got real! KARE11

Carter Lawson via Facebook
Carter Lawson via Facebook

Dalton Roach witnessed a 250 to 300 lbs bear looking at him and licking his chops! Dalton yelled and screamed and tried his best to get this giant black bear to leave him alone, no luck.

"It's definitely not totally uncommon for a bear to go into a tree with a hunter, but the fact that he actually starting gnawing on me and stuff, like that was a little abnormal." - Dalton

This Black Bear was on a mission, maybe a little hungry as it bit and took a chunk out of Dalton's back!

"I kind of pulled myself out and then stood around and turned in one motion to then face the bear and just started yelling and hollering, to say, 'I get it you're here, but I need you to leave." - Dalton Roach.

After a hospital visit, some stitches and a few rabies shots, dude is doing ok...Oh, maybe cleaning his pants up a little bit too!

Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns
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All is good for Dalton, and he has a damn cool story to tell. Thankfully a scar is all that remains.

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