You can't blame it for making a break for freedom. New video share captures that special moment when a Missouri trash can became self-aware and tried to run into the woods.

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The trash can's owner who shall remain nameless lives in Pineville, Missouri. That's practically Arkansas so make up your own Razerback joke about this one. Here's his explanation for how this run for freedom began:

The day after a sleet storm, the ground outside was like a sheet of ice. This happened when I routinely lowered my trash can off the deck.

You can practically hear the trash can screaming for joy as it realizes it has a clear path to the woods.

So very close. You think it's absurd to think a trash can is self-aware? Think again. Technology has developed self-aware trash cans for real.

Who's laughing now? Amazon has self-cleaning and self-sealing trash cans available. The future is now. Skynet is about to become self-aware. Maybe us humans should be the ones running into the woods.

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