Leave men alone to make decisions and this is what happens. A new video share shows some Missouri garbage men who crush stuff just because they can.

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Two things I want to make clear. 1. This is not a quality unique to garbage men. 2. I fully endorse this hobby.

Here's what one of the garbage men in St. Joseph, Missouri had to say for him and his buddies:

I'm a garbage man who honestly loves his job. Every time I find anything I feel would make great content to crush I make sure to take the time to do so. This video was no different. I own and personally record all of my videos and have a crew with me that sometimes may be in them and they are all entirely fine with me sharing them on social media. I honestly just like to give everyone an inside eye of what it's like to be a garbage man. That it's not all gross. We do have some fun from time to time.

That's code for "give us equipment to crush stuff with and we will". NOTE: some NSFW language as these are men entertaining themselves.

Next time you leave a milk carton in the trash or a jar of spaghetti sauce, realize that this might be its fate. I'm not criticizing, but this is the kind of fun you can expect men to have when you give them powerful equipment.

Get er' done.

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