Summer is officially gone, and with it goes the green leaves on the trees in Evansville as they begin to change into shades of red, yellow, orange, a brown. No doubt a beautiful sight to see until they're all piled up on your lawn. Beginning Monday, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility will gladly take those leaves and dispose of them for you.

According to 44 News, the leaf removal is available to residents who pay for trash removal on the water and sewer bill.

Residents interested in using the service will have a little work to do on their own as the Utility is asking all leaves be placed in biodegradable paper or plastic bags, or piled up as nicely as possible next to wear they normally have their regular trash collected. Sorry, but they won't rake them for you.

The service will be available through Friday, December 28th and is not available to apartment complexes, mobile home communities or businesses.

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