Face it...with our electronic devices in our hip pockets, purses and sitting on our desks, the telephone book may become obsolete.  How easy is it to use our phones and other computers to find information on the Internet.  When was the last time you looked inside a phone book?

I must admit that I do look in a phone book every now and then, but that old habit is fading away.  I'm using my laptop and iPhone more and more to fine information, including phone numbers and addresses.  I can't help but wonder when it won't be profitable to publish phone books and companies, such as the Yellow Pages, decide that it's time to "hang it up?"

How about you?  Has your habit of looking in the phone book changed?  Do you use other resources, such as you computer and phone to find the information you're looking for instead of using the phone book?

I wonder what's next...the U.S. Postal Service terminating Saturday deliveries?  Oh, yeah...(sigh)


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