Will Indiana Governor Mike Pence contend for the presidency in 2016? Well, in a recent interview with Howey Politics Indiana, the governor said that national Republicans have approached to him about running.

“We’ve had people reach out,” said Pence. “We’re very fortunate to have friends around the country who appreciate the leadership we’re providing here.” However, Pence says he has not been thinking about any other job than his duties of governor of Indiana.

The governor claims that any interest in him as a presidential candidate is attributed to the overall success in Indiana. “I really believe that,” Pence continued. “When you look at the fact our state has seen unemployment decline, lowest in Midwest. When you see the education choice opportunities, when you see what we’re doing in the area of workforce, career and education, Indiana is leading the nation in that. When you look at what we’re able to do with education funding and infrastructure funding, Indiana really stands out.

In 2010, Pence won a presidential straw poll at the Value Voters Summit, but instead of running for the presidency, he sunk his teeth into a victorious seat as Indiana governor.

So, will Pence jump into a campaign for the presidency in 2016? “We’ve had people talking about that with us,” said Pence. “I would just say, our decision on making any kind of decision on reelection will come sometime in the next calendar year.”

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