Despite a claim by daughter Bristol Palin that her mind had been made up, Sarah Palin said Tuesday that she has not decided whether she’ll run for president in 2012.


The former Alaska governor, speaking to reporters in Pella, Iowa, said, “We’re still thinking about that,” when asked whether she would run, CNN reported.

Bristol Palin had said earlier in the day that her mother had made up her mind on whether to run, but that she was keeping it a secret.

“She definitely knows. We’ve talked about it before. Some things just need to stay in the family,” Bristol said during an appearance on Fox News, where she promoted her controversial memoir, ‘Not Afraid of Life, My Journal So Far.’

“You know what I told Bristol when I heard that?” Palin said. “I said, ‘Bristol! What we say on the fishing boat stays on the fishing boat. You don’t need to be announcing anything.’ ”


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