If the pundits are to be believed, tomorrow's election is the most important election in history since the last most important election in history <insert number of years> ago. With the fate of the world resting on our fingertips, it would probably help to know where to go cast your planet-saving vote.

All kidding aside, I take voting seriously and firmly believe that if you are of legal voting age and have the ability to cast a vote, you should, regardless of who's corner you're in. But where do you go? It's a conundrum I found myself in last year when I somehow missed the memo that after 10 years, the church half-a-block away from my house was no longer my neighborhood polling place.

Before I took my daughter to the sitter last year, we strolled down the street so I could "make my voice be heard". As we turned the corner at the end of the street, I could see the church parking lot, which appeared unusually empty for Election Day. Also absent were the variety of campaign signs that litter either side of the walk up to the door. To be safe, I gave the door a tug only to find it was locked. I ended up not voting last year, because I didn't know where to go.

Truth be told, I was only going to vote in the mayor's race anyway because I don't vote for anyone I haven't taken the time to research and I'd rather vote for no one than blindly vote on someone because I saw more of their signs around town. Just because someone has a chest full of funds, or has managed to sweet talk people who do have money into donating to their campaign, doesn't necessarily mean they'll do a good job.

This year's election is obviously different however with the White House up for grabs along with the 8th District seat in the House of Representatives, and the Indiana Senate seat. As much as I don't believe the opinions of those on either the left or the right that say if they're guy loses the Presidential race, we might as well "turn the lights off on America" (I did hear one right-wing mouthpiece say that a few weeks ago), I do believe that every vote will count and I intend to cast mine before heading to work, and thanks to the Evansville City Government website, I'll know where to go this year.

It should be noted that you don't have to go to the voting center closest to your house as was the case for so many years. If one of the following are closer to where you work, by all means, cast your vote there.

*Click the address for a Google Map of each location*


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