In recognition of National Police Week, let's take a look at this study about the best and worst states to be a cop. Two thirds of the Tri-State scored really well.

When compiling this report, the folks at WalletHub looked at three categories which all included several sub-categories.

  1. Opportunity & Competition
  2. Job Hazards & Protections
  3. Quality of Life

So how did the Tri-State do? Well, two of the three states had really good in the top 10 and one in the top 15. The third state, however, did not do so well at all. Here are those results

  • #7 - Illinois
  • #13 - Indiana
  • #46 - Kentucky

Topping the list is North Dakota...and bringing up the rear is Arkansas. See how the rest of the country scored below.

Source: WalletHub

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