Vanderburgh County residents who use the city's water supply in their homes and businesses may notice a slight difference in the taste and odor of what's coming out of their faucets as the Water and Sewer Utility makes a temporary change to the disinfectant used to keep the supply clean and safe to use.

Beginning today (Monday, May 14th, 2018) the Utility will begin a scheduled transition from "Chloramine" to "Free Chlorine." According to a statement released through the City's website, the periodic, temporary transition to Free Chlorine is required by State water guidelines for utilities that use Chloramine like Evansville. Free Chlorine is more effective in killing off stronger bacteria that is resistant to Chloramine.

The Utility says residents may notice a slight change in the taste and smell of their water during and after the transition, similar to that of a swimming pool.

The transition will continue until June 11th. For more information, including a more detailed description of what you can expect with your water supply, visit the City of Evansville website.


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