We're all getting ready for the upcoming West Side Nut Club's Fall Festival, right?  Well, don't forget about the Pet Parade as part of all the fun festivities!  

If you have a pet, you might wanna consider entering the Pet Parade on Saturday, October 12th beginning at 10 am on West Franklin Street.  It's a FREE event!

Here's some things you will need to do:

  • Line up with your pet beginning at 8 am in the St. Boniface parking lot (Wabash Avenue & Michigan Sts.)
  • Judging starts at 9 am
  • Participants arriving "after" the judges have left can join the parade, but won't be eligible for judging or awards.

There will be eight categories for awards:

  1. Girl with pet
  2. Boy with pet
  3. Group with pet
  4. Girl - no pet
  5. Boy - no pet
  6. Group - no pet
  7. Special group
  8. Large animal

NO full size vehicles are to be used to pull trailers or participate in the parade.  ATV's are allowable.  Also, NO promotion of any businesses or political parties.  Judges will not be members from the West Side Nut Club.

At the end of the parade, treats will be distributed to all participants behind the Benjamin and Anna Bosse Foundation Stage at 12th Avenue.  Also, those who have been selected for special recognition will be invited onto the stage to receive their awards at this time.  All 1st place category winners will be invited to the Main Parade that Saturday afternoon, without their pets.

The Pet Parade is sponsored by the Pet Food Center and is also partnering with the Vanderburgh Humane Society for this year's Fall Festival Pet of the Week that will be present during the Pet Parade as well as the Main Parade!

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