Jason Sands, the new Executive Director of the Evansville Sports Corporation, and EFD Assistant Chief Paul Anslinger were our guests for this week's addition of Wednesdays With Winnecke.

First up we heard from Jason Sands, who spoke with Mayor Winnecke about the purpose of the Evansville Sports Corporation, some of the events they have hosted in the past, and what their plan is for the future. Looks like 2014 could be a big sports year for Evansville!

Jason Sands interview

(Paul Anslinger - YouTube)
(Paul Anslinger - YouTube)

Evansville Fire Department Assistant Chief Paul Anslinger was our second guest this week. Among the topics of discussion were the 2nd annual Firefighter's Ball and it's purpose, and the EFD's budget for 2014. A big chunk of that budget is being used to purchase the EFD's biggest piece of equipment. Check out pics of this new truck being assembled. Assistant Chief Anslinger talks more about this new truck as well as improvements being made to existing fire houses. Hear his interview below.

Paul Anslinger interview

You can hear a new edition of the Mayor's weekly 30-minute program every Wednesday morning at 8:30. And you can always listen to past shows here.

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