We all know it's been a hot summer in the Midwest, but exactly how hot has it been? Answer: hot enough that a Missouri family shared video of a raccoon family having a pool party in their backyard.

Based on the video description, this special wildlife moment happened in Defiance, Missouri. Here's how the family described it:

This video shows juvenile raccoons enjoying a swimming pool when the temperature is near 100 degrees. They love to play in the water with toys and some play well with each other.

Raccoons playing with pool toys? Sounds about right.

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My family lives near a wooded area and they love to see wildlife like raccoons and rabbits wandering around our home. I always tend to be a bit careful around raccoons thanks to that whole "oh look, the rabid raccoon has rabies" thing. But, as long as I don't have to pick them up or carry them (like my kids have asked me to do when requesting that I bring them inside), I am good with raccoons getting leisurely in my backyard. That appears to be something that I have in common with the family in Defiance, Missouri that dropped this video.

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