It's not officially a record yet, but it likely will be. 2 Missouri boys harvested what was accurately described as a "monster" 35 pound raccoon recently and they have the pic to prove it.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation shared the story of Couper Simmons who was hunting with his brother Hunter (appropriate name considering) when they came across a mammoth raccoon. This is likely a record.

Why is this huge raccoon not already a Missouri record?

As the Missouri Department of Conservation mentioned, the raccoon was weighed officially, but they don't determine records until the season is over at the end of February. So, this is almost certainly gonna be verified as the largest raccoon ever harvested in Missouri. That beats the previous record by almost 7 pounds. Incredible.

I'll follow up in February and see if anyone else can top what Couper and Hunter Simmons did. At this point, that looks highly unlikely. Well done, fellas.

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