We can all laugh about it now, but there were some tense moments when a Missouri man tried to fill a butane lighter and created a fireball instead.

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This special fire moment happened in De Soto, Missouri recently. Here's what the guy had to say about this effort:

I was filling a butane lighter and accidentally hit the ignitor and all I can say is wow. My security cam caught it in my living room. My dog blues reaction is priceless

It's OK to laugh because he did and neither he nor his dog were injured when his life flashed before his eyes.

His dog named Blue did not seem impressed.

There's a convenient Wikihow about filling a butane lighter safely. This guy seemed to skip a bunch of steps. I cast no stones since I've been known to not follow instructions myself. (Editor's Note: he never follows instructions)

All's well that ends well and fortunately this guy didn't hurt himself or his dog or burn his house down. It could have gone much worse.

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