By all accounts their elk hunt was going well. Their calls brought in two majestic bulls. Suddenly, the elk bolted for the woods. It wasn't the hunters they were fleeing. It was something else entirely. Something that had now surrounded the hunters: wolves.

There's no location given, but I do know this hunt happened a little earlier this year. I must commend the hunter on his bugling efforts. Well done. This is one of the big guys who came calling.

Livin for the Rut via YouTube
Livin for the Rut via YouTube

A few minutes later, the bull elk had taken off. It's at that moment the hunters realized they had called in something else: a wolf pack. (NOTE: it does not end well for one of the wolves near the end)

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It seems they were as impressed with his elk calls as the bulls were. Can you imagine seeing this group blocking your path back down the road?

Livin for the Rut via YouTube
Livin for the Rut via YouTube

This YouTube share has also summoned the comedians. This was a personal favorite of mine:

Jeff Harper - "I was practicing my turkey calling one day. Two full grown chihuahuas from the neighbors next door surrounded me. It was scary. I will never practice that again in town"

This one was also good:

lizard ,S, 777 - "Those wolves looked very tactical, they all knew there position."

If you've studied wolves at all, you know that's the truth. The order of the pack is very real. Wolf Haven has an interesting article on pack structure and how that tactical observation was accurate. The male and female alphas call the shots and are responsible for the breeding and growth of the pack. Such an interesting dynamic.

This is one hunt where many stories will be told by these guys for years about what they encountered in the backcountry.

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