In case you weren't aware, there's a park in St. Louis that has elk. If you go there, be sure to bring snacks. One lady didn't and got an earful from the animal direct through her rolled-down window.

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The Pet Collective shared this fun moment on Facebook via Adina R. She and her family were driving through Lone Elk Park which (despite the name) has lots of elk and not just one. However, one elk in particular did not seem happy that she did not buy elk treats at the front gate. NOTE: make sure your sound is turned up for this one and that no glass is nearby.

That's one of the reasons why those that appreciate wildlife consider Lone Elk Park a must-visit at some point when you're in or around St. Louis. TripAdvisor estimates that it easily takes less than an hour to drive through the park although that depends on traffic and the time of year you go through.

Lone Elk Park is much more than elk. They have bison, turkey and deer that also frequent the management area. Their website advises that you visit early in the morning for the best wildlife viewing and if this video is any proof, snacks are highly recommended.

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