As more and more public events are canceled, and businesses are forced to temporarily close, the CDC continues to urge everyone to put distance between yourself and other people. Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin and his staff are taking COVID-19 very seriously. The sooner we follow the guidelines and stay home except for essential travel and activities, the sooner we can get back to events like concerts at The Victory Theatre.

COVID-19 has no respect for person, status, or affiliation. We have all been affected by this terrible illness. But there's hope. We can beat this if we maintain social distance. Let's not stand so close together for a little while. Huge thanks to Jakob Bilinski and Cinephreak Pictures!

Out thanks to Chief Bolin for inviting us to play a little part in the PSA, and of course, Officer Phil Smith for this little number.

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Social Distancing Zodiac

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