It has been brought to my attention the video below of Principal Gresham is from Wednesday morning, and the people he's welcoming to the building are faculty members there for their first work day. Principal Gresham also surprised staff members with a breakfast field trip, hence the presence of the buses. How I missed that in the status of the tweet, I have no idea. Regardless, of who it was for, I think that's an awesome gesture by the Principal. My apologies for the error. - Ryan O'Bryan


Students in Warrick County returned to their classrooms on Thursday to start the 2019-2020 school year, and few people were as happy to start the new school year than Castle High School principal, Doug Gresham who welcomed students and faculty back in a unique way.

Mr. Gresham decided wishing people a "Happy New Year" shouldn't be relegated to just midnight on January 1st, so he broke out his New Year hats, party horns, and even a bubble machine to help everyone get excited for the start of classes.

The Castle HS Principal Twitter account shared video of the welcoming committee early Thursday morning:

Whether or not the students shared Mr. Gresham's enthusiasm, I give him props for lightening the mood for everyone as they try to shake off the summer break rust. Nice job, Mr. Gresham!

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