I was born in Missouri aka the Show Me State meaning I need to be shown something clearly to believe. I am also naturally a skeptic. All that being said, this very recent UFO spotted over Missouri is extremely weird as it appears to just disappear into a clear blue sky.

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No exact location was given, but it's titled "UFO Missouri" on YouTube, so I'm going with Missouri. It's a very short video that shows an object appear in the middle of the frame. If you watch closely, it appears to have some form of propulsion right before it seems to just go away.

Let's go through the typical possibilities. Is it a weather balloon? Nope. Weather balloons normally ascend at a steady rate and don't have propulsion. Is it a meteorite? Don't think so. Space rocks don't suddenly accelerate. Is it a plane? It appears to move much faster than any plane I'm aware of with the extreme sudden acceleration.

What is it? I have no idea. By definition, that makes it an unidentified flying object. The only other object that would make any sense might be a missile or rocket that suddenly has a thruster engaged. I'm grasping at straws here.

If it is a UFO, what is the intention? Is it an innocent observer or something more sinister? Many who have experiences up-close have expressed the belief it's that second option.

The truth is out there (and maybe up there).

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