Do you have any good fish stories? I'd guess that yours (and mine) likely don't rival those of a Midwest guy who caught a massive sturgeon with his bare hands as a new video reveals.

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According to the video description, this happened in Neenah, Wisconsin. The backstory is short, sweet and simple from the guy who captured the video:

You gotta see this! Watch till the end. I was out fishing on the Menasha Channel in Doty Island and I met a new fishing buddy! He most definitely had my full attention when he said he would go grab a fish

I don't blame him for wanting to hang with his "new fishing buddy". NOTE: there are a couple of NSFW excited fisherman words in this video.

I will admit that I was (and am) a bit skeptical. How did the guy know a large sturgeon was over there just waiting to be picked up. However, I didn't see the sturgeon attached to any line and sturgeon pretty much do what they want since they're massive fish, so I guess it's legit.

Even if these dudes are playing tricks on us, it's a pretty clever bit. Even in pretend land, grabbing a fish this big is pretty impressive.

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