Walgreens has announced additional resources, weekly discounts and dedicated hours make it easier for seniors to shop as a result of COVID-19 concerns.

Every Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. will be designated for seniors only at Walgreens. Shopping in the store will be exclusive to those who are 55-years-old and up.

The company  is also offering a drive-thru shopping option that will allow seniors to pull up to the Walgreens drive-thru and shop for select items. They will also offer free shipping for seniors to shop from the comfort of their own home and get items delivered rather than going out and putting themselves at risk.

Seniors can also receive 30% off of eligible regular priced items with the code “SENIOR30” and 20% off of other items with the code “SENIOR20”, both online and in-store.

For complete details on "Senior Day" and to find out what they will have on sale, you can visit the link to their website here.


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