There's a new 'beauty' trend going viral on TikTok and while it sounds like it might be a great new way to get your bronze skin back, it most definitely isn't.

Who's ready for the warm days of Spring and Summer?

pada smith
pada smith

If you're missing that all-summer-long glow on your skin and the tanning salon isn't quite doing it for you, there is a new alternative.

Glow Getter, a U.K.-based tanning products business, has developed a nasal tanning spray.

I'm not going to lie, when I first heard about this spray, I wondered why anyone would need to tan the inside of their nose?

I even mentioned to the doctor we had on the show to discuss whether it was safe to use that I figured it was for the same people who bleach another hole on their bodies.


@glowgetterltd via TikTok
@glowgetterltd via TikTok

This nasal spray helps you tan from the inside out. Glow Getter says you still need UV exposure (i.e. tanning bed) for the best results.

"Use our tanning sprays every day, 2-3 pumps up each nostril alongside uv exposure ... we recommend 2-4 sunbeds a week to build your tan, gradually increasing your minutes," according  to Glow Getter's FAQ page.

The man-made chemicals in the nasal spray enhance your body's melanin production which is purported to darken darken your pigment.


WARNING! The nasal tanning spray uses chemicals that are potentially harmful

One of those potential side effects is hilarious.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We reached out to Dr. Bill Renk from UW Health and asked him to take a closer look at this spray. We wanted to know if there is anything users should be concerned about, man did he deliver.

Yes, there are some potential side effects.

These chemicals are manmade in the cosmetic industry they're not regulated like pharmaceuticals. How the spray is made, how it's concentrated in each bottle, what it is mixed with and how those compounds react with one another is all unregulated.

One potential serious side effect of the nasal spray affects those with early stages of melanoma

The spray stimulates your melanocytes and if you have early stages melanoma yet to be diagnosed, the spray could stimulate your cancer cells and make your melanoma more aggressive.

Most common side effects of using the nasal tanning spray include nausea, flushing, changes in blood pressure and headaches

What's interesting about those side effects is that they are same ones you would see on the packaging for medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. So....

Take a listen below to Dr. Renk describe what can spontaneously happen to men who use this nasal tanning spray.

Spontaneous 'rays of sunshine'! That's not good.

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