Vanderburgh Humane Society does a lot of great work for the animals in our community, in fact they just announced they reached a 91% save rate in 2020 which placed them above the national "no-kill" industry threshold, which is awesome!

Today the Vanderburgh humane Society took to Facebook today to share that they recently had 24 cats surrendered to them, a few of which are pregnant, which means a whole lot of money in vetting along with spay and neuter surgeries.

Us: “Whatcha doin today?”
You: “Oh, not much. You guys?”
Us: “Unloading 24 loose cats from a sedan.”
Yes, we had a 24-cat surrender today — and all of them are intact. At least 4 are currently pregnant. There is already one young litter. They are all VERY sweet! (Which definitely helped with unloading in the parking lot!)
They are all currently receiving their intake processing. That includes vaccines, deworming, flea treatments, etc. Alas, you know where we’re going with this! Each feline’s cost of care after their eventual spay/neuter surgeries will be more than $250. So, basically, if each pregnant mom cat has at least 3 kittens... a $9000 expense just walked in the door.
Donate below! (And remember, we have a Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic if you have any intact cats anywhere on your property!)
If you'd like to make a donation to the VHS you can do so by clicking here.


Vanderburgh humane Society
Vanderburgh humane Society
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