Forget about getting splinters out with tweezers. This hack is a simple and pain-free way to remove splinters.

One of the most annoying things that can happen to someone is getting a splinter. They can come out of nowhere with extreme pain, or you might not notice you have one until hours later. However, we all know that it can be a hassle to get those dreaded splinters out with tweezers. Sometimes it can be a little painful.

I can't tell you how many splinters I have gotten in my lifetime. One too many to count! I always hated trying to remove them with tweezers. Sometimes it would take several pulls to get a good grip of the splinter, depending on the size. Other times, you would only get a fragment of the splinter with the tweezers, requiring a little more work on the affected area. Let's be honest, that can be a little painful sometimes.

The other day, I saw someone share a life hack regarding how to remove splinters. Since we all have had one, and will probably get more in the future, I thought it would be a good idea to share this hack with you. It's a simple, mind-blowing, and pain-free way to remove splinters WITHOUT using tweezers. So the kiddos won't be too terrified of getting their splinters removed.It only requires one item that you might have in your medicine cabinet already. A syringe.

Facebook user, Melissa Brown's post on how to use a syringe to remove a splinter has gone viral for all the right reasons. She says that all you need to do is cut the top off a syringe that you would use to give children medicine with. Then, line the hole up over the splinter, and pull! It works on even the tiniest splinter too! Give it a try next time you or your children get a splinter!

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