When you move into a home, I think it's safe to say most would prefer that the previous owners not remain. That's a problem for a Midwest home that is said to still be haunted that built it way back in 1880.

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I saw this interesting property shared by the Belleville News-Democrat recently. Good catch on their part as the Realtor listing does not hide the interesting ghostly history of this place. It says that this Atchison, Kansas home was "featured on season one of The Travel Channel's Haunting in the Heartland". It was built by stonemason Adam Dilbert in 1880. According to witnesses, he never left.

This 1880 Midwest Home Still Haunted By Stonemason Who Built It

The Realtor listing adds that "it is said that some members of the Dilgert family still roam the halls". Could it be this could be made into an income property for ghosts? Asking for a friend.

Are the spirits residing here friendly or something else entirely?

The asking price seems fair at $95,000 as of this writing. The 1880 architecture and original vibe remains. If you have any questions about maintenance, it appears you can still ask the guy that built it 143 years ago.

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