There are a million reasons people don't celebrate Valentine's Day and one very particular time comes to mind. It was the year I buried Valentine's for good.


I mean let's be honest.  You can and should be celebrating your love for someone else on every other day of the year.  If you need a specific holiday to do something special for them the relationship might already be doomed.  I think it is truly an over-commercialized day where people feel like they have to spend too much money on someone else.  I've seen people with so much anxiety and stress over gift-giving and that in no way is my definition of love.

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Young love stories are special, you know where you adore the other person and think you'll spend the rest of your life with them?  This isn't one of those stories.  One year in college I was dating this guy and we'd been heading for a breakup for a while.  To say the least, things were already pretty much done.  The week of Valentine's his sweet grandmother passed away and he attended her funeral out of town (he borrowed my car to go by the way).  When he returned I was at work.  I had stepped away from my desk and when I returned I found wilted roses in a vase.  Here's the deal contrary to popular belief (meaning Chad) I'm not a high-maintenance gal.  I don't need expensive gifts just to know it was thought of in an instance like this.  I later discovered the roses were from the funeral because he didn't take the time to go buy anything.

After that, my love for Valentine's Day died along with my relationship, and both were buried six feet under.


Thankfully I have a husband who often celebrates his love for me many times a year and it is never on a holiday or after he's gotten on my nerves.  He just does things because it's raining on a Tuesday and those are the very best reasons.

Do you have a hilarious or dreadful reason you don't celebrate Valentine's Day?

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