There's no reason for alarm even though I'm about to use the word "doomsday" here. The Air Force plane designed for worst-case scenarios just flew over Missouri and Illinois last week, but no worries. I hope.

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If you're not familiar, the US Air Force has several E-4B Nightwatch planes. They are the planes that are meant to be airborne in the event of a dire national emergency. They don't fly very often, but when they do they can be tracked on the Flight Aware app under the callsign "TITAN 25". NOTE: I'm not providing any classified secrets here as that's public domain knowledge anyone can access.

I check it periodically and hadn't seen the E-4B stationed in Nebraska airborne for the past 5 months...until last week. The morning of June 7 at around 10:14am central time, the Doomsday Plane took off from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and flew over us in Missouri and Illinois and landed in Colorado Springs (guessing Cheyenne Mountain area).

Infographic, Flight Aware
Infographic, Flight Aware

While not frequent or necessarily typical, there's no reason for alarm. These huge planes do travel sometimes. Doesn't mean doomsday is upon us. Just an interesting flight path for one of the military's more secret planes.

For what it's worth, both the US and Russia put their "doomsday planes" in the air back in May for a show of force as Newsweek shared.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled non-doomsday activities...

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