Why would someone place cash on your windshield? Well, it's not your lucky day. In fact, it could turn out to be something much more deceptive.

It seems that people have been using cash as a way to hoax people into quite a few things as of late. Recently there have been several occurrences of people lacing cash with methamphetamine and fentanyl, and placing them on the ground for unsuspecting people to pick them up and come into contact with the dangerous substances. You can learn all about that by clicking here.

Now there's another criminal act that has had several reports that involve people leaving cash on your windshield. The cash isn't laced with anything, but it is a trick to fool you into falling victim to something else.

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Cash On Your Windshield Isn't Your Lucky Day

There have been reports of counterfeit money (as high as $100 bills) being placed on people's windshields taking place in Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin, according to Newsweek. Most of these cases have no clear motive. Perhaps it is someone that is trying to play a prank, but some law enforcement agencies believe that it could be something more sinister.

Newsweek says that in the past, there have been a few reports that thieves will place this counterfeit money on the windshield of cars that they want to steal. They will sit and wait nearby for the driver to return, hoping that the driver will get into the car, start it up, and notice the money. When they get out of the vehicle to collect the cash, the thieves will then rush into the car and take off with it.

Car thief

This isn't the only tactic thieves use to steal your car with you around. If you find a water bottle on your tire, you could be in trouble. Theives us this distraction as a way to steal either the car or the driver's belongings.

As of this writing, there have been no reports of incidents like this in the Evansville area, but with cases on the rise, it's better to know about things like this ahead of time if/when someone decides to try this here. In any event, if you do come across cash on your windshield or a water bottle in your tire, do not immediately approach your vehicle. You should immediately call 911 to report the suspicious activity.

(H/T- Newsweek)

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