We often hear our hairstylists say two common phrases: "What are we going to do today?" and "I'll be back in a minute." But what are they doing when they step away from the chair?

On TikTok, one hairstylist finally revealed what they actually do when they step away for that "minute."

Posting under the username @caseyc_hair, in a viral video Casey takes viewers through a series of scenarios.

At first, Casey takes a deep breath and leans against the beauty salon's backdoor, checking text messages that probably came through while working with his last client.

Casey then demonstrates how fast he can "shovel food down" by shoving a cupcake into his mouth.

Casey references his aching back and feet as he heads to the bathroom to simply sit down. He also guzzles "a liter of water in 10 seconds" and takes a moment to "pick out hair from awkward places."

And finally, hairdressers get hot thanks to all those blowdryers, so sometimes they take a moment to lay "on a cold floor" in the salon.

Watch below:



Casey's hilarious video hit home for many other hairdressers, with many backing up his claims in the comments section.

"LOL! The water chug is real!" one user wrote.

"Spot on, plus have a little scream sometimes," someone else commented.

"So me," another noted, adding, "I'm a beauty therapist and do exactly the same!"

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