Historical Romance Novels

Author Denise Weimer (Shaped by Faith)
Meet my new author friend, Denise Weimer!
Denise writes historical and contemporary romance and romantic suspense, mostly set in her home state of Georgia. She's authored a dozen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas. As a managing editor for the historical imprints of Lighthou…
Author Tara Lynn Johnson
It was such a pleasure to interview Tara Johnson! She writes historical romance novels and her favorite love is the Civil War.
Tara Johnson is a writer, singer, speaker and passionate lover of stories. Tara uses fiction, nonfiction, song and laughter to share her testimony of how God led her into fre…
Christy Award Winner Michelle Griep (Shaped by Faith)
Michelle Griep has been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayola's. She is an author, blogger, and Christy Award Winner. She  lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I absolutely love interviewing authors. They each bring something special to the pages they write...