365 ways to love your child (Shaped by Faith)
I have met so many authors through mutual friends and Julie Lavender is one of those lovely authors!
Julie is the award-winning author of several books, including 365 Days of Celebration and Praise and Creative Sleepovers for Kids! She has co-author of Come and Behold Him...
Bags of LOVE (Shaped by Faith)
Helga Wade is actively involved with a program through her church called Bags of Love. She is filling these bags with hygiene items, games, stuffed animals, and toys.
When Helga's husband passed away, instead of being depressed and sitting around her home, she decided to get up and do something …
Free Car Seat Check
A parent's number one priority when taking a trip across town, or across the country is ensure their child is safely secured in their car seat before leaving the driveway. Make sure you're doing it right by stopping by St. Mary's free Car Seat Clinic on Wednesday.
Should Spanking Children Be Allowed in the United States?
Last Friday, we learned Minnesota Viking, Adrian Peterson, was indicted for child abuse after spanking his son. With the nation opening a public discussion about domestic abuse after the Ray Rice scandal, now bringing disciplining children by use of spanking has come under public scrutiny.
Beware of New Widwest Virus
With the rapidly changing weather and kids moving indoors to more public areas like school, it's no surprise that we are seeing our kids getting sick. However, the CDC is calling the new unidentified virus that has affected over 1,000 children "unprecedented."

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