For many children, a lemonade stand is their first experience with entrepreneurship. As of now, they are actually illegal in Indiana without proper permitting from governmental agencies, but that could soon change thanks to House Bill 1077.

Lemonade Stands Are Technically Illegal in Indiana - For Now

The way that the law is structured in Indiana, a child would have to apply for a vendor's permit in their respective community. Without it, technically their lemonade stand would be an illegal operation and could be shut down by the police or the health department.

House Bill 1077 Has Passed the Indiana House

Indiana House Bill 1077, which has already passed the House would prohibit local municipalities, townships, and even homeowners associations from banning lemonade stands operated by minors on private property.

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Provides that a local health department, the health and hospital corporation, a county, a municipality, or a township may not adopt or enforce a law, rule, ordinance, or resolution that prohibits or regulates, including by requiring a license, permit, or fee, the sale of lemonade or other nonalcoholic beverages from a stand on private property or in a public park by an individual who is less than 18 years of age. Provides that the individual who operates the stand must comply with certain requirements. Provides that a stand is not considered a food establishment and does not require a certified food protection manager.

There Would Be Some Rules for Lemonade Stands

The new legislation outlines some of the rules that would come along with operating a lemonade stand. For example, a stand could only be run in a neighborhood for two consecutive days, and no more than eight days total in a thirty-day window.

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In a press release, the Indiana House of Representatives Republican Caucus says that if passed, Indiana would become one of fifteen states that allow children to operate lemonade stands. House Bill 1077 is now on its way to be heard before the Senate.

[source: Indiana House Republicans]

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