Cats know a cat lover when they see one! River Kitty Cat Cafe Recently shared the sweet story.

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River Kitty Cat Cafe is a very unique place in the Tri-State, it's a cat cafe! You can come in and enjoy some snacks and a cup of coffee and play with some sweet cats. The coolest part is the cats are all through Vanderburgh Humane Society so if you happen to fall in love with a kitty there, they're most likely up for adoption!

Today River Kitty shared a sweet story of a woman named Pauline. You see Pauline is a cat lover. But unfortunately due to the retirement home she lives in she can no longer have a pet.  So today she went to River Kitty to get her fix, and my goodness the photos are just heartwarming!

It's true, animals know an animal lover when they see one! These photos are about to melt your heart!


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