According to a recent report, suicide is the leading cause of death in Indiana for people between the ages of 15 and 54. Unfortunately, state health officials say that this morose trend has been on a steady increase since 2007.

"Suicide deaths leave a legacy of unimaginable hurt and guilt in families and communities," said Indiana State Department of Health Chief Medical Officer Joan Duwve, M.D. "Information is available to learn more about the warning signs of suicide and how we can all work to prevent it."

The latest Suicide in Indiana report indicates that suicide is a growing concern across the state, with suicide ranking as the 11th foremost cause of death – 872 suicide deaths in 2011.

Health officials say that suicide is caused by many different variables, with results that are ultimately destructive to everyone around.

"Suicides are devastating to families and communities, so we must all come together to recognize those who need help, and then make sure they are connected to services," said Dr. Duwve. "The Indiana State Suicide Prevention Plan was published last year to engage everyone including individuals, families, schools and places of worship and employment in the journey from hopelessness to health."

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