Yes, beer is now in jelly form and it's been getting rave reviews. Despite my catchy headline, you can't catch a buzz from your beer smeared bagel, but it sounds delightful and has given me 3 great sandwich ideas that I really want to try.

Potlicker Kitchen

While many are content to drink (or chug) their beer, there are others who have found a tasty alternative.

Spreadable beer jelly is a thing and Potlicker Kitchen from Vermont is leading the charge, according to Bloomberg. They took a taste of their IPA, oatmeal stout, and apricot ale concoctions which seems to be a snacking dream.

The following dreamy brand name toppings don't actually exist yet, but you can get any similar tasting substitutes at many professional distributors. This is how I would use a spreadable beer jelly for my own dining purposes.

1. The Guinness and Ham and Cheese

I can only imagine the sweet, sweet darkness that a Guinness jelly would add to a ham and cheese sandwich. Ideally, I'd try this on a mutton chop sandwich on Ireland's Cliffs of Moher, but since that probably ain't happening anytime soon, I think a 'stout' ham and cheese will fit the bill quite nicely.

2. Miller Lite and Chicken on Whole Wheat

I love a cold Miller Lite with a whole wheat chicken sandwich. Basically, I tear a rotisserie chicken apart and throw it between two slices of whole wheat with mayo. But since the heavenly wheat pilsner WILL BE the dressing, hold the mayo and bring on the awesome.

3. Sam Adams OctoberFest and my Nana's Pumpkin Bread

A healthy slathering of this seasonal delight between two slices of my Nana's pumpkin bread and I'll be happy all autumn long. I realize Nana is doing most of the work here and her recipe is TOP SECRET but if you don't like my suggestion, make your own sandwich!

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