This has been a really hard year for everyone. We've all been impacted in some way, shape, or form by the COVID-19 pandemic.  However one industry was hit especially hard, and that's the movie industry. Showplace Cinemas have been working very hard to keep their doors open whenever possible. Unfortunately they announced today that due to the lack of new movies, they have to close their doors once again.

They plan on trying to reopen in November when they are hopeful new releases will be out.  However they will be keeping their Showplace East location,  and Newburgh Family Entertainment Center open.

Here's a statement from the Showplace Cinemas Facebook:

Beginning today, Showplace East will be our only operating theater. We are hopeful that new films will be released in November and at that time we'll be able to reopen, and stay open.

Showplace East will remain open and we're here to entertain you and give you an escape from the day to day. We are working hard to ensure a safe theater experience for our guests. The

Showplace Entertainment Center & Burgh House

will also remain open - so please visit us there as well!

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