Another day, another scam. This time it's a scam that I don't think anyone expected.

Hacienda Mexican Restaurants have been a staple in the Tri-State for years. It looks like someone has decided to capitalize on their popularity with a new internet scam. The Mexican restaurant took to social media to announce that there is a scam account that is disguising themselves as Hacienda Mexican Restaurants.

Apparently, this fake account will send you a friend request, and will send you a message asking for your credit card information for a contest.


A couple of things to point out here:

First off, a business like that doesn't send out friend requests on Facebook. They are usually listed as a "page" and they get all of their followers through "likes", not by adding friends like you would on a personal Facebook account. You should also notice (for the most part) that a page like that doesn't have the blue checkmark or that many followers like the official account would.

Secondly, Hacienda also confirmed that they will not ask you for any of your personal information like that, either. When you get a message from anyone on Facebook asking for personal information such as your credit card number, you can count on that being a scam. Report the page and do not give them ANY of your personal information.

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