Last Friday, we learned Minnesota Viking, Adrian Peterson, was indicted for child abuse after spanking his son. With the nation opening a public discussion about domestic abuse after the Ray Rice scandal, now bringing disciplining children by use of spanking has come under public scrutiny.

There has been plenty of research done on spanking children - from how it affects their brains to how to spanking impacts their lives as adults. Moral and religious beliefs come into play. There's also a national conversations about how much we want our government to control our lives - and now our parenting.

As the parent of a small child, I've done the research. I have read what several of the experts say but none of them go into depth about what individual child personalities or how spanking is administered. I remember an episode of Any Griffith that dealt with Opie's bad decision of playing with matches and Andy's cool headed "whippin'" appointment with Opie. Andy didn't spank him right off when he found out he committed the heinous act - he had a discussion and set a time and place for the punishment to be executed. I wonder if this type of punishment depletes gray matter and leads to social inadequacy as some experts have reported or if this type of spanking can lead to better behavior.

I am no expert, I am just a parent with a daughter who is tough like her daddy and time out seems to be far more painful that popping her on the bottom. She just just turns to me and smiles which reminds me that disobeying is pretty much just fun to a toddler - not outright defiance.

So what do you think? Is spanking acceptable or should it be outlawed?

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