Parody videos have become pretty commonplace while people are self quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic. I'm here to tell you that not all parody videos are created equal. I say, if you're gonna do it, you gotta do it right. And Mr. Mike Allen did everything right in his latest video.

Mike is the Head of School for Evansville Christian School. I personally think his title should be changed to simply 'The Man.' Mike and his family put together a fun and educational video that, in my opinion, is worthy of national recognition. Seriously, it is that good. It's the coronavirus version of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This."

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What makes it so great? You gotta start with the lyrics. A parody song with no special lyrics is nothing more than a lip sync video. Mike absolutely nails the lyrics, covering all of the buzzwords and pop culture phrases associated with the coronavirus. And Mike can rap too - he's got some serious flow! Oh yeah, he can dance too. He and his wife and kids all get in on it, dancing and acting, and reminding us of all the things that we should NOT touch. Well done Mr. Allen, well done!

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