It happens multiple times over the holiday season. We stop by the store to get groceries, pick up a few odds and ends, or shop for gifts for those on a Christmas list, and we hear it as soon as we get out of our vehicle. The familiar sound of a Salvation Army volunteer ringing their bell, hoping you throw a few bucks into that iconic red bucket. The problem? You rarely, if ever, carry cash, or even pocket change. Meaning you have to walk by, give them a nod, and walk into the store feeling like a horrible human being. That's how I feel anyway. But, there's good news. Thanks to a new program launched by the non-profit, you don't need to have cash to make a donation. All you need is your phone, which I know you always have on you.

The new "Kettle Pay" program is available across the state of Indiana and is currently making its way nationwide. The program allows you to make a donation through Apple or Google Pay by either scanning a QR Code posted at the kettle, or by tapping your phone on a payment device. Either way, you'll be sent a link where you can enter the amount you'd like to donate and it will automatically be withdrawn from whatever debit or credit card you have attached to your phone.

Perhaps the coolest part of the whole thing is you can donate at any red kettle where a code is posted anywhere in the country, and through the use of your zip code, the money you donate will still make it's way to the Salvation Army here in the Tri-State.

Now you don't have to hang your head in shame when you walk past the bell ringer because you don't have cash and you feel like a terrible person (just me? OK then.). Yay, technology!

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