It seems like Kristen Bell can do it all - comedies, dramas and musicals. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold. Now she's lending that Midas touch to some very deserving teachers.

Bell has begun a weekly campaign called Featured Teacher Friday where she shares stories of teachers that need more school supplies for the students in their classrooms. After seeing the story, Bell's 12 million Instagram followers can then follow a link to an Amazon wishlist to help take care of those needs. Isn't encouraging to see a celebrity using their popularity, reach and influence for good, deserving folks?

Bell says she will continue to do Featured Teacher Friday "until the end of time...until all the teachers have everything that they need and our kids grow up great."

I bet you know a teacher who needs some more school supplies (I think it's safe to say that's ALL teachers). You can nominate them with an email to

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