Let's rewind two years. My mom and pops gave me my Instant Pot and I was like, "OK thanks. What's the big deal here?" I didn't even use it at first. I was scared that it would explode or something. Fast-forward to today and I use that sucker darn near daily! I make my food in it. I make the dog's food in it. I made soup, stew, meat, rice, veggies, etc., etc., etc.

I use it so much, it's like an honorary member of the family. It even SITS OUT ON THE COUNTER with the other beloved appliances like the coffee maker and stand mixer. (That thing is just too heavy to move around.)

So, this year, I decided to buy Insty some Christmas gifts. She deserves them... Here's what I want to get her.

SteamMates Dragon

I love this little dude! When the steam comes out of the top, it diverts it from straight up (sometimes it's a bit messy or goes into the cabinet) to wherever you are pointing the dragon. And it looks like he's breathing fire!


Instant Pot Cover

Since I leave my IP on the counter, I'd like to cover it up with something that isn't quite so appliance-looking. This cover also has a pocket to keep recipes or utensils.


An Extra Pot

I spend approximately 30% of my life cleaning that pot. My ONE POT. Hello, Santa? Can you please bring me and my IP another insert?


Mealthy CrispLid for Pressure Cooker - Turns your Pressure Cooker into an Air Fryer 

Air fryer you say? You have my attention... Their site says, "Transform your pressure cooker into an air fryer: air fry, broil, and crisp directly in the stainless steel pot of your electric pressure cooker. We thought of everything: raised trivet, fryer basket, stainless steel tongs, heat-resistant silicone mat, full color recipe booklet, and full color user guide included!"


Literally Every Other IP Accessory You Can Think Of

These bundles are GREAT. You can get all the accessories for just one price. It's fantastic. 60 Pcs Cake Baking Papers, 2 Steamer Baskets, Non-stick Springform Pan, Egg Rack, Egg Bites Mold, Kitchen Tong, Dish Plate Clip