Dogs and cats can have preferential paws, just like you and I are right or left handed.  So, just for kicks, Jenny and I experimented on our own dogs and cat to find out if they actually were right pawed or left pawed.  The experiment involved placing sticky notes on the animals' noses and then observing which paws they used to wipe off the pieces of paper.  Of course, as in any scientific process, you want to repeat the procedure several times on each animal to find consistency.

As the results (and laughs) rolled in, we noticed that our animals DO seem to have preferences regarding which paws they used.  With each animal, we repeated the process for a total of four times.  Patch, our smallest dog, appears to be right-pawed, since he consistently used that appendage to wipe off the sticky note.  Puff, our cat, also appeared to be right pawed.  However, Sniffer, our largest dog, used both right and left paws equally, which makes him ambidextrous!  Owners of pets, as well as veterinarians, agree that pets can be left pawed, right pawed or even ambidextrous.  This includes horses, too.

Is this dog right pawed or left pawed?  You'll find out at the very end, so be sure to watch it all the way through!