Jenny and Emily typically set their cell phones on the kitchen counter each evening when going to bed and let them recharge overnight.  Why?  That's a convenient time to charge them, especially considering it takes an hour or two for the batteries to recharge.  When your cell phone is almost completely drained, do find that you have to wait for an hour or two for the battery to recharge?  This is a common situation for most people, but this may be changing soon.  New technology may be on the way.

StoreDot, which is an Israeli company, says it has the capability via new technology to charge a cell phone in less than thirty seconds.  Wow!  Really?  A new prototype battery and charger using biological semiconductors may give us recharging times of less than thirty seconds.  Remember, this is only a prototype, so the proof has yet to be put in the pudding, but if it's true, it certainly will make recharging our cell phones much more convenient!

Now, can they develop something to get me recharged in less than thirty seconds instead of sleeping all night?  On second thought, if that scenario became a reality, I would most likely end up working more.  Think I'll just put that out of my mind and enjoy my dreams.

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